Flame Safeguard 101: Flame Safeguard Basics

This is the first of three recorded online webinars with Dave Shunn, regional sales manager for Fireye Inc. In this one Dave covers these topics on flame safeguards:

  • Components of a flame safeguard system
  • Flame scanner types
  • Basic terms, inputs and outputs
  • The essential sequence in flame safeguard control system

Flame Safety 201: Understanding Primary
and Programming Controls

This second webinar in our series with Dave Shunn of Fireye focused on the detailed operating sequence for primary and programming flame safeguard controls.

  • Reviewing the basic operating sequence of flame safety controls
  • The Primary Control Sequence, step-by-step, with proper timing of inputs and outputs
  • The Programming Control Sequence, step-by-step, with proper timing of inputs and output
  • Insight into Fireye Products: Comparing wiring difference between Fireye E110 and BurnerLogix controls
  • Questions and Answers

Flame Safety 301: Integrated Scanners

In this third webinar in our series, Dave Shunn of Fireye explains integrated scanner technology:

  • Typical applications and range of integrated flame scanners
  • Overview of microprocessor internal tests to create a discriminating scanner
  • Proper location and set up for a Fireye InSight flame scanner

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